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Telephone Marketing

When it comes to getting interactive and personal with customers, telemarketing has proven to be the best bet. Yet, most companies find it impossible to pull their telemarketing programs off. Things go horribly wrong because of misplaced priorities.

There is a lot more to telemarketing than just making calls to induce a desired action. Every call provides an opportunity to gather valuable customer data, which can be woven into the sales strategy to reorient your campaign.We at ServiceLine believe in using telemarketing as part of the sales process, were we collect data to get insights into the constantly evolving market and make necessary adjustments to give the desired impetus to a campaign.

  • Inbound Telemarketing - We offer a range of inbound services which includes, market research surveys, opinion survey, dealer locator services, 3rd party verification services, direct response services, lead generation services, order taking services, up-selling / cross-selling services, membership application services, catalog sales services, answering services, insurance claims services and inquiry services.
  • Outbound Telemarketing - Some of the services we specialize in include market research and surveys, lead generation services, customer satisfaction surveys, product/service sales, reminder calls, client and prospect surveying, and telemarketing appointment setting services.

How we work

We have an established set of steps to understand the needs of your business. Based on this understanding we identify the target profile, determine the specific sales call objectives, tailor a geographic strategy, and finally draft the sales pitch. This is followed by the appointment of a project account manager and setting up and training a team of professionals comprising skilled and experienced professionals.

What sets us apart is our intensive audio and video-based training. We take meticulous care to familiarize our managers and agents with the product, the accents and the environment in which they will operate. It’s because of this exhaustive approach that our telemarketing campaigns have met with stupendous success.

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Telephone Marketing

About The ServiceLine

We are a Sales and Marketing Company with Customer Support Functions like Lead conversions, Tele-marketing, IVR Solutions, Inbound / Outbound Call Handling.