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KejaHunt - Transparency in Customer Relations

​Building trust is extremely important for the sustenance of any relationship. Trust is built through honesty and keeping promises. This amounts to transparency. Transparency in customer relations will foster trust and customer loyalty. As with all relationships, this takes time and a consistent and diligent effort.

Supporting KejaHunt in one of their constant outbound calls to their customers was an easy process because they had mastered the art of Transparency in customer relationship. Our agents fit very well within their culture of provision of exemplary customer experience.

Speaking to Joshua Mutua - the C.E.O & Founder of KejaHunt, it was clear that this is a culture engraved in all their employees DNAs and has been the secret to steady growth and increase in customer loyalty over the one and half years they have been in business.

"We never planned to charge our customers way back when we started. Our business model at the time was to charge the real estate listing companies for the services rendered. However, this was not working" - said Joshua.

Joshua needed to engage the customers and ask them if they were willing to pay for the services he was offering. At this time, this seemed to be a ridiculous proposal since most Kenyans including myself tend to be pulled towards free things and he was sure he could not get even a single customer accepting such a proposal. What he did was very open, genuine and courageous.

"I wrote a long post in my Facebook page that, in short was asking my customers if i could charge them a small fee for the services i was offering. I spoke in a language relating to my customers and avoided the corporate talk - it was a very natural way of chatting, just as i speak to you right now. To my surprise, over 80% agreed to the fee and i immediately changed our business model. I remember one night i woke up getting MPESA payments from people i did not even know and i had to call them back and ask - only to be told that it was payment for the fee towards assistance in getting a house."

​Engaged customers are the ones who are being actively listened to and this is the first step towards building great customer relations. Companies do this by constantly assessing the level of their customer's satisfaction with regard to service, experiences, pricing, quality and value of their product or service. In a broader spectrum of customer service, companies must continuously share information on improvement measures undertaken, feedback received and what has been done with it – this is termed as transparency in customer relations.

​Keeping customers constantly informed provides them with a comfort level with the company and also allows them to trust the company. With trust comes loyalty and repeat business and also makes customers brand ambassadors. In just over a year, KejaHunt has over six thousand happy users, over two thousand houses found out of which over one thousand eight hundred rented out. When i ask Joshua, the secret to this kind of growth he sums it in three words; Trust, Honesty and Transparency.

"The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability".  

by Simon Mainwaring
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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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