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Sending one SMS messages to thousands of mobile subscribers simultaneously has been simplified over the years through Bulk SMS. This is common and widely used. Improved versions try to personalize the communication with recipients by sending them personalized SMS messages.

Sending Bulk Personalized SMS Messages has several advantages and has been widely adopted. To boost the strength of Bulk Personalized SMS messages, there is a new service in the market called CAREVOICE, exclusively offered by The ServiceLine's intelligent interactive virtual assistant called Hebifa Rafiki, automated ​voice services with a personal touch of humanity.

Hebifa is intelligent enough to converse with multiple customers at the same time directing the same customers to instant solutions and to live customer care support agents.

Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.

Olivia Osano, Sales & Marketing - The ServiceLine Business Directory Services

At The ServiceLine, we have combined three powerful customer service communication pillars to guarantee a great customer experience, increased sales and have great customer satisfaction. We have combined Bulk SMS, CAREVOICE and Hebifa Rafiki to be able to manage hundreds and thousands of customers with very minimal and efficient resources, saving your business costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing great customer experience.

In a standard contact center, a normal qualified and experienced customer care agent would normally handle between 16 to 25 calls in an hour. If you combine our three powerful customer service communication pillars, the same agent can handle between 30 to 60 calls within the same period with real-time reporting, great efficiency and improved customer experience.

Hebifa Rafiki gets instructions on how to handle calls, how to communicate to the different contact groups the way you have categorised your customers / contacts and another interesting bit is that Hebifa is multi-lingual and can communicate to targeted audience with localized dialect!!! How amazing. If you need an assistant, try out Hebifa Rafiki - You will not regret any

With Hebifa Rafiki, CAREVOICE and CAREDESK SMS, one customer care agent can now handle many contacts at the same time efficiently and with ease.

With Hebifa Rafiki, CAREVOICE and CAREDESK SMS, the customer's perception of your business will be that of high standards, professionalism and by extension they will become walking advertisements - Once again, saving you advertisements costs.

Do you need Hebifa's assistance? Send a FREE SMS message starting with the word HEBIFA to 20806.

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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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