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Was @Laura_Wamby Wrong?

Laura Wamby (@Laura_Wamby) probably never knew she would get the kind of attention she has received the past couple of hours after exposing an orange employee over what she termed as breach of customer privacy. Do you agree with her move? Do you have an advice for her? Off course you do, that's why this news is trending like wild-fire.

Honestly, i wish we had many @Laura_Wamby's in this space. Some of the so called blue chip companies would be careful with the way they handle customer's let alone customer data. But do we speak in unison about customer service delivery given by these big shot companies? I don't think so?

Laura highlighted a breach of customer privacy and the consequence is the employee was fired. Sad as it is, Orange executed one of its policies to safeguard the interests of its customers and stakeholders. 

For those who studied physics or attended a classroom where physics was being discussed. they may have come across what is commonly known as Newton's third Law of physics which states "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

​Newton's third Law of Physics

Any serious organisation is not run by emotions and feelings. Any good company, Big or Small, must have policies set in place to protect the interests of customers, employees and other stakeholders, without which the company will not survive the wrath of the modern, well informed and educated customer.

Because orange is one such company, it is obvious and expected and with no surprise that the employee has been released off their duties. OR at least being considered should the event repeat itself - something like a first warning. 

Based on the actions taken by orange as a company, which should be a learning to all other employees to safeguard the trust customers have with regards to protecting their information and most importantly customer data. What orange has done only states that is is a functional and a trusted, reliable company that many other customers can depend on. They are driven by policies that every employee must abide by while at the same time ensuring employees are not threatened by justifiable actions they take while on duty. A good balance is required to safeguard both employees and customers interests.

As employee's we must learn to understand the expected policies governing our employment. You will have yourself to blame if you fall victim of Ignorance.

As an employee, you are not free to do as you wish during work-hours. You are guided by company policies. After work hours you remove the company Hat and put on your own Hat. There things you cannot do while putting on your own hat.

A good customer is one that tells you when you go wrong and gives you a chance to correct things before leaving you flat foot. everyone deserves a second chance

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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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