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Exponential Growth – A Problem to Rabbit Farmers Solved by RabbitIQ

What would you consider your biggest risk if your business grew faster than you could adopt?

Derrick Kinyua, the C.E.O and Founder of RabbitIQ tells us how true the saying "breeding like rabbits" is and how he's company helps farmers manage a reliable, efficient, sustainable and professionally ran farm while at the same time guaranteeing all rabbit consumers e.g. meat processors a 24/7 supply of rabbit produce (meat and fur).

A single female rabbit can have 1-14 babies per litter (a bunch of baby rabbits), but let's be conservative and choose an average of six per litter. If three out of the six are females with a life span of seven years with a gestation period of between 28-31 days, it means a female can hypothetically have one litter per month if she is constantly with a male rabbit (poor mama rabbit).

Mama rabbit producing 3 babies every month will see a rabbit farmer have 37 rabbits (36+1 [adding mama rabbit] ) at the end of year one. Adding the baby's reproductive population at the beginning of year two each producing 3 female rabbits per month then by the:

  • End of Year 2
    • 37 mother rabbits x 3 female babies x 12 months = 1332 female babies
      (plus your original 37 will equal a total of 1369 total)
  • End of Year 3
    • 1369 mother rabbits x 3 female babies x 12 months = 49,284 female babies
      (49,284 + last year's 1369 = 50,653 total)
  • End of Year 4
    • 50,653 x 3 x 12 months = 1,823,508 female babies
      (1,823,508 + last year's 49,284 = 1,872,792 total)
  • End of Year 5
    • 1,823,508 x 3 x 12 months = 67,420,512 female babies
      (67,420,412 + last year's 1,872,792 = 69,293,304 total)
  • End of Year 6
    • 69,293,304 x 3 x 12 months = 2,494,558,944 female babies
      (2,494,558,944 + last year's 69,293,304= 2,563,852,248 total)
  • End of Year 7
    • 2,563,853,248 x 3 x 12 = 92,298,716,930 female babies
      (92,298,716,930 + last year's 2,563,852,248 = 94,862,569,180!)

"My research and experience as a rabbit farmer over the past three years indicated all rabbit farmers are facing challenges in three areas" – exclaimed Derrick. To succeed as a rabbit farmer you must be able to know what to do and when to do it as your rabbits grow. You ought to be lean, efficient and fast.

So what are the three areas – I interject as he was explaining.

"Very simple yet difficult and challenging at the same time – unless you are using RabbitIQ to manage your farm." – Derrick pauses while smiling. These areas are:

    1. Recording Keeping
    2. Supply Demand Watch
    3. Customer Support Services

Please explain further – I request to understand he's insights.

Recording Keeping–

"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can't measure something, you can't understand it. If you can't understand it, you can't control it. If you can't control it, you can't improve it."
H. James Harrington

I have not reached billions or millions – not even thousands in my farm but I have experienced some serious exponential growth of rabbits that can easily get out of control if not well managed and I have seen this common with very many farmers. From my experience and others in the rabbit farming business such an exponential growth cannot be managed by pieces of papers (rabbit cards) pinned at the door of every cage or even through a quire book with records of all the rabbits in the farm, or huge file records pilling up the records office. Any record keeping done for rabbits should have the following characteristics:

    1. Easy to enter entries
    2. Easy to retrieve entries when needed
    3. Easy to report from the entries to generate business intelligence that can assist make very important decisions

This is what RabbitIQ does to farmers, through our digital platform you remain versatile, efficient and very well informed right from your mobile phone, internet or even SMS. You can know how your farm is performing back in Kenya as you attend a rabbit conference in the Netherlands or California state. You can confidently predict your production quarterly, half-yearly or even yearly and commit resources to that effect.

This then introduces the Supply Demand Watch.

Supply Demand Watch–

Since our platform has several farmers subscribed to it, our platform is transitioning to a business intelligence platform that has information on how many rabbits can be found from which location and at what time and in what quantities and even most importantly at what price.

This information alone is very important to consumers of rabbits like meat processors and it is through our platform that we can guarantee a constant supply of Rabbits and rabbit produce from January 1st to December 31st of every year.

Many rabbit farmers have complained and regretted entering into contracts with various organizations on finding a market for their rabbits but end up disappointed because of inconsistent and an un-balanced supply demand chain resulting to the farmers being paid even eight months after supplying the rabbits to the organizations. Such a delay in payment has a huge effect on production because in eight months you will have more to sell – where will you take them? 

Customer Support Services–

"Customer Service is the new marketing."

Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

This is actually the back-bone of all the above since if you do not have an efficient, reliable and customer-centric customer support service that is responsive to your customers, then all the above will be in vain and to waste. No one will want to buy your products or deal with you even if you are the first in the market. You ought to look at being the best amongst your peers and competitors in the market and not the first.

It is indeed important to engage more with your customers because they will tell you which direction to take and if need be at what time you need to change course. At RabbitIQ, we strive to organize frequent farm visits and trainings to the public, one-on-one chat through facebook and twitter where we answer your questions in a timely manner to your satisfaction. Basically because our customers want us to be there when they need us in the platform of their choice, we have dedicated resources manning our facebook, twitter, email, website ready to respond to queries from the public and very soon we shall incorporate SMS and a dedicated support line through a contact center.

You seem to be having bigger plans. What is your parting short and what keeps you going?

Yes of course, bigger plans only come as a result of opportunities out there. My customers drive each and everything we do because RabbitIQ is very responsive and will continuously listen to her customers. We cannot exist without our customers and they keep me going each day they tell me what I am doing wrong, whenever they thank me for the services rendered and each time I get messages of encouragement from friends and families and off course when they buy rabbit meat from us. Speaking of which we have a Rabbit Meat Fest in December, to get more details, visit our Facebook page and follow us on twitter.

My Parting shot is for all the Rabbit Farmers that they now have the answer to managing the exponential growth of rabbits in their farms making them more profitable as well as giving them a constant market for their rabbits through RabbitIQ platform.

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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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