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#RasangaTesting Engaging your Customers

Everybody in business and now in politics want customers. How desperate can someone be in order to get customers. To what extent is someone allowed to reach out to a customer and in this case an electorate who is a politicians customer. Today Hon. Cornell Rasanga, the current Siaya County Governor (In Kenya) is trending for trying to reach out to He's customers. Has he's strategy worked, has it failed? Unfortunately we can get the answer 10 months from now.

According to me, he's success or failure depends on how he engages he's customers during the next ten months and beyond. My little knowledge about customers rests on one thing - taking care of them. You need to know what they want, what they do not want, what they like, what they do not like, how frequent they need what they want and most importantly you need to entice them to talk to you more than you talk to them.

This is definitely something most politicians do not know how to achieve. They talk more than they listen and when you are in business you need to listen more than you talk.

If you do not take care of your customers, somebody else will.

Olivia Osano, TSL 2016

Even with all odds against him, President Obama managed to win a presidential campaign without posting a photo of himself in exam papers. He was black, a "foreign person - from Kenya" and some people tried using religion against he's campaign. How then did he manage to succeed? Three things

  1. Social Media Campaign - The power of social media cannot be ignored in reaching out and engaging your customers. He had people, including volunteers selling he's agenda through social media ensuring all queries were responded to. He also had an official website where he sold he's agenda linked to he's social media page. 
  2. Bulk SMS - He used Bulk SMS to reach out to more people within the very many states in America. He communicated he's agenda to people who followed him on either social media or followed him through SMS..
  3. Bulk Voice - He had what is currently known as robo-call. sending a voice clip to several people at the same time during specific times of the day.

Looking at all the above strategies that definitely worked for him, he was looking to give a personalized service to he's customers. My advice to fellow aspirants is to try and implement strategies that have been proven to work and not to experiment on things that only portrays you as a less innovative person. In kenya very few Politicians have opened up channels through which they engage their customers for instance Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka's 40799 through which he communicates with he's electorate.

I believe as Kenyans, we should demand more from our aspirants and our leaders. They need to have open channels through which they can serve us at a personal level. If they do not answer your question satisfactorily, you move to competition and surely the competitor will treat you well.

The ServiceLine has a Bulk Voice Solution called CAREVOICE that enables you reach out and prompt engagement with customers. Can be used as an Automated Marketing strategy with a personal Support Touch

Talk to so many people at the same time and provide an alternative channel to collect their feedback and responses. It could be something as simple as wishing them a happy birthday or confirmation of an appointment like interview

Talk to so many people at the same time and allow them to get answer's (self service) or redirect them to a call center to be served by your customer care team. Used to engage customers through a digital call center.

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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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