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Anne-Kariuki-( Gikombe ) Funds Drive

My Name is Anne Muthoni Kariuki. I am a gospel artist and I need your Help.

In 2005, I was operated on after a fish-bone got stuck in my throat. After this operation I lost my voice for a period of seven months. Not so long after the recovery, I was involved in a fatal car accident that caused my spinal injuries in 2006 which has confined me to bed to-date.

At a tender age, while attending Masinga Girls High School, I had composed close to 100 songs which led me to the known KBC Gospel Songs programme called Joy Bringers in 1995 as well as Sing and Shine programme. Six years after several attempts, like most musicians who do not give up, I got a break through after recording the first hit "Nimurikiirwo" (lightened-up) in 2001. The epitome of my music career was after recording the Kiswahili album "Tutashinda" (We shall win the battle) having a total of eleven songs.

However, this was short lived because it seemed the devil woke up from he's sleep and started a period of testing my faith, just like in the story of Job and Jesus who were put to test by the devil, I know I am in a testing phase of my life.

Send me a message of encouragement starting with the word GIKOMBE to 20806, you will be helping me raise the funds required. Each SMS will cost 10 shillings per message and you can send me as many messages as you want I will respond to most if not all the message with appreciation. I will also report back to you how much you have helped me raise through my facebook page Anne Kariuki (GIKOMBE).

Anne Kariuki ( Gikombe )

In 2005, while having lunch with friends and enjoying a plate of fish I had ordered, a bone got stuck on my throat. Before I knew it, I was being booked in for an operation which was very successful but I could not speak or sing again for a difficult period of 7 months. No one, even the doctors new I could get back my voice. But on the 8th Month, the devil was defeated and we rejoiced for I was able to speak again.

During this period, deep down my heart I knew one day the devil will be ashamed and God's will shall come to pass. I wrote over 200 Songs knowing very well that I will be singing my songs after getting out of hospital. The Doctors, praised God and everybody was indeed very happy.

As if this was not enough for the devil, I was involved in a fatal car accident that has put me in my wheelchair to-date. From 2006 to date I have been in and out of hospital, taking up-to a maximum of 25 medicine tablets a day to contain the pain I get every single day. I also take liquid medicine. I have been to India in 2012 where we developed lots of hope towards my recovery. It has been a painful, difficult, tiring 10 year period of anguish, discouragement, weakness, hopelessness but because of the support I have gotten from you, my fans, friends, family, media I am now preparing to go for the final treatment in India and I am looking forward to sing over 500 songs that I have written while in Bed. I look forward to shaming the devil the third time just like Jesus passed all the temptations by the Devil.

I have a very strong will. I am determined and very optimistic all is going to be well. However, I cannot fund raise all the needed money alone. I need your help. I am seeking your assistance in the simplest possible manner.

if you want to do more;

  1. I will be having a funds drive at Hotel Kunste in Nakuru on 13th March 2016 to raise funds ahead of my trip to India - Please come we spend some time together. I will be giving a full report on how much have been contributed.
  2. I have also setup a paybill number towards this funds drive the MPESA Paybill Number is 222111 Account Number 900#
  3. My Facebook Page is Anne Kariuki (Gikombe) https://www.facebook.com/Ann-Kariuki-Gikombe-256718101062979/, or Anne Kariuki ( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009188778969please visit my pages and wish me well.
  4. Download a CROWD Funding Mobile Application from Android, Windows and iPhone Stores by the Name CAREDESK SMS and help spread the word to at least 100 of your personal contacts.


I have a team of well wishers, friends and volunteers who are ready to answer your questions. The ServiceLine will be supporting me and answering questions through their facebook profile as well as through my facebook profile and through them I will answer all your questions.

Thank you and God Bless you. Below is my photo gallery.

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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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